As you may have (but probably not) read in the Lynn News, Vintage Partyware is somewhat of a new start for me. The future seemed bleak after dislocating two vertebrae and trapping a nerve (the sheathes of my vertebrae are still embedded in the nerve and I can tell you, that’s painful). It’s been nearly two years since I first did this and nearly a year since I left work. Despite all the pain killers and hospital visits, my little business is on the up.

The idea for the business really did come about because of a wedding I attended and the fact that I’ve been collecting vintage items for many years. I love vintage items and I’ve never been able to resist buying something I like. That’s also the reason why we have so much to offer! All items are in top notch condition because I wouldn’t have liked them otherwise and therefore wouldn’t have bought them. And it’s good to do something you enjoy, right? I think so. I’m enjoying this! Especially as it gives me an excuse to go buy more. And I have!

Even today, on a trip out to Downham Market, I bought more items. A teapot, a cake slice… I can’t resist!

What I really hope, though, is that YOU enjoy these too. That when you hire them, you will marvel at their beauty and their age, and agree with me that modern, cheap, run of the mill things just aren’t as nice. I’m blessed with our location, meaning that when we go out to deliver our items we get to see lots of the Norfolk coastline, countryside, towns and villages. And I love that. So, I look forward to meeting more of you soon and also to hearing of how you’ve enjoyed what we do.

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