Your wedding is the one perfect day that you can truly let your imagination go wild, and any passions you have in life can be expressed throughout your day. A vintage theme doesn’t just have to be chintz, though. There are so many variations of vintage you can choose from, which is one of the reasons why I love the vintage theme so much. 

And it’s not just for the girls. As a guy, I have developed somewhat of a dislike for the ‘traditional’ top hat and tails look. And the mix match of swirly patterned waistcoats and the satin cravat is more than a bit of a cliché. I’ve seen too many ill fitting morning suits at weddings and it’s not such a good look. If you ask me, a gentleman looks so much more stylish and well groomed with a suit that fits and doesn’t make him look like a penguin. So guys, be original!

While thinking about themes this week, I jotted down some ‘vintage variations’:

Boho Vintage. Think un-iced cakes, flowing bridal gowns, for the groom – open neck shirts and no tie, or bow tie with a cardigan, back-garden decor, tonnes of wild flowers, and a big dollop of homespun fabulousness. We can now offer a rustic wooden arched ceremony entrance which would be perfect for this theme, and looks stunning alongside our vintage bunting. 

‘Gatsby’ Vintage. If you’ve followed me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that I love Art Deco. This theme is all about 1920s and 1930s glamour and glitz! Timeless, slim-fitting silk bridal gowns, dapper suits for the groom (grooms, as I said earlier – why shouldn’t you look stylish and feel great on your wedding day too?), Art Deco styling and a cocktail or two. My grandparents got married in this era and I love their wedding photo – Grandma’s cloché hat is amazing! Our Art Deco side table looks stunning when styled with our 1930s uranium glass – it glows brilliant green against the black backdrop. We also have bakelite radios and 1930s bakelite telephones to add to the styling, especially when placed on our vintage writing desk – perfect for your guests to sit at when completing an entry into your guestbook!

Country Vintage. Living in a quintessential countryside village, this theme appeals to me. A vintage lace wedding dress and a lovely ‘up’ hair do, a tweed suit for the groom, homegrown flowers and cow parsley placed in vintage bottles and jugs, vintage embroidered tablecloths for the tables, rustic garden tools as decor and a barn adorned with vintage bunting. We have milk churns, metal watering cans and masses of vintage bunting to style your day, as well as the tablecloths (another obsession of mine!), bottles and jugs.

Wartime Vintage. Not something you might immediately think of as a wedding theme, but it is growing in popularity – we’ve had a number of requests now. This theme really allows you to go DIY, with the ‘Make Do And Mend’ approach! Home-made cakes, a simple but elegant dress, uniform for the groom, strings of bunting and a Union Jack. Use vintage china and glassware and minimal use of in-season, home-grown flowers. Make it patriotic by serving tea or Pimm’s to your guests, and think of traditional British foods – a roast, or cucumber sandwiches. We have lots of vintage china and glassware, and we also have vintage luggage cases which not only add wartime style to your venue (think ‘waving him off’ at the station), but can serve as a drop off point for your wedding gifts; and for the really patriotic, we have a replica George VI post box where your guests can deposit their wedding cards and well wishes. God Save the King!

1950s Vintage. Okay, so we couldn’t leave out the chintz completely! But why would we want to? Think polka-dot dresses, rolled up hair, cat’s eyes glasses, a polka dot tie for the groom, a stylish 50s car and lots of colour. The Second World War is over, rock and roll is born and the air is filled with hope and possibility. We have some gorgeous 50s side tables, perfect for this theme. Round, chrome and colourful, they have ‘Italian Ices’ emblazoned across the table tops. I love them. Add some of our mid-century collectables, 50s china, and you’re there! Oh, and look out for our latest hire item, hitting the website very soon – it oozes 1950s!

Your wedding should reflect who you are, even if that’s non-traditional. Remember, your guests are your friends and family and they already know who you are. They are there to celebrate with you. Break convention & let your personality shine on your special day. I’ve gone into my ‘don’t follow the norm’ rant again, haven’t I?!

To see some vintage inspiration for grooms, check out our Pinterest board

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