Spring has well and truly arrived here at Vintage HQ – there’s frogspawn in the pond, daffodils in the garden and blossom on the trees. And it all looks beautiful (if you ignore the weeding that needs to be done!). 

Spring marks the start of the wedding ‘season’ too, although I really don’t like calling it ‘wedding season’ – it makes it sound as though it is THE time to get married. And of course anyone can get married at any point during the year. Nevertheless, more weddings happen at this time of year, and I was wondering if the reason for this is more than just the better weather. 

One thing that is easier to source at this time of year is wedding flowers. There is so much choice now spring is here, and so much colour. In a spring wedding, flowers take on a leading role – not only in the look of the bride / groom, but also in the decoration of the space. True, it is now easier to find any flower in any season, though often more expensive out of season and think of the way these plants have been forced to grow or the distance they have travelled to get here… Typical spring flowers like peonies, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths (and many others) bring much needed colour after the bleakness of winter. More ‘rustic’ varieties such as lavender are ideal for country weddings – we have lots growing in our garden, and I love the smell.

I guess because spring symbolises new beginnings and freshness, these flowers have always been celebrated. Certainly we have vintage china which has been adorned and hand painted with daffodils and tulips – some of my favourite Art Deco china has these in its design. And maybe this is the reason we have a ‘wedding season’ too – not only is the weather nicer, but there is something about this time of year that can fill you with hope for what is to come.

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